How To Get Free Stuff
Free—it’s the f-word that everybody loves to hear. There’s no reason you can’t start hearing it more often.
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How To Buy a Used Car
It won’t be a bargain if you have to spend a ton of money on repairs, so learn how to spot a lemon.
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Don't Call the Plumber Yet (Hot Water Heater Basement and Gas Line)
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How To Be a Cool Camp Counselor
Be the counselor that all the campers like -- without risking total anarchy.
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How To Use Chopsticks
Like skiing and speaking a foreign language, chopstick use is a skill ideally acquired in childhood. But with a little perseverance, adults tired of feeling boorish in Asian restaurants can become adept.
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Learn how to dine in a restaurant while on a diet with this easy tip.
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It won’t be a bargain if you have to spend a ton of money on repairs, so learn how to spot a lemon.
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http://www.carinfo.com/ca rbuyingtips.htmlCar buying tips to help new car shoppers avoid common car dealer tricks and scams. Explains how car dealers use packed payments to overcharge new car buyers. More new car buying tips from CarInfo.com.
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Take these steps to stay positive and get through unemployment, one of the most difficult times in your life.
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Phil The Gardener has kicked off his show on http://www.ustream.tv/cha nnel/phil-the-gardener-sh ow Phil The Gardener ShowRecorded @ uStream.Tv
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This pet care video will help you to be aware of potential holiday dog & cat toxins, such as chocolate & poinsettias. If your pet ingests these substances, it is important that you know what to do. The most common holiday toxin is your dog ate chocol
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If your parents are pinching pennies, you may need to buy your own music, games, and fast food. Here are some tips to help you earn cash.
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Twitter is a perfect fit for consumers and businesses alike. With this powerful, easy-to-use communications platform, you can quickly share information, gather intelligence, and build real-time and long-term relationships with customers and partners.
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More than 4,400 kids begin smoking each day. Talk to your kids about smoking to keep them from joining the pack.
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There are many kinds of faucets, but chances are your leaky fixture is a compression faucet -- and it's a snap to fix.
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